The Martingale Collar

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August 12, 2012

Martingale Collar

A dog can back out of its collar at the worst times. Originally designed for the unique head-neck structure of sight hounds, the Martingale collar closes up snug when tension is placed on the leash. When sized and adjusted correctly, the unique design “bottoms out” before constricting your dog’s neck should she continue to pull – unlike a choke or slip collar

Why do I need a Martingale Collar?
Simply put, safety. At Waterloo Dog, a lot of what we do places you and your dog in real life situations like traffic and crowded spaces. We need to know that your dog is not going to slip out of its collar.

Where do I get one?
Besides Waterloo Dog Training, most pet stores in K-W now carry some form of Martingale collar. Of course the quality varies. I find the chain control loop to be better for training as the noise of the chain provides a cue to the dog.

Can I try one out before buying at the Intro Class?

The collars comes in varying circumferences, so make sure you have the right size for your dog. Waterloo Dog sells the Hustle Up brand who have 5 sizes.

Once you have the correct size, position the collar high up on the neck, behind the dog’s ears. Pull the control chain ring tight. For the Hustle Up brand, the gap between the D-ring slides should be a thumb width’s difference. If the collar is adjusted too loose (a common error) , the dog will slip out of the collar.

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